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Driving Force: Pioneering Solutions in Automotive

Accelerating change in the automotive sector through engineering.

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Always on Track: Delivering Solutions in Railway

Taking the railway sector further through engineering

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Flying High: Innovating Solutions in Aerospace

Taking the aerospace industry to the next level through engineering

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Powered Up: Generating Solutions in Energy

Supercharging the energy sector through engineering

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Shaping Our Future Through Engineering

PDSL provides customised solutions to digital technology and engineering problems for the Automotive, Railway, Aerospace and Energy sectors. Working across the world, we partner with a wide range of organisations, from the biggest names in business to solo incubators. With access to the brightest global talent, we adapt rapidly to help clients overcome challenges and realise their full potential. While always delivering the best customer service and effective results. 

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Empowering Diverse Industries

Customised solutions for your success

Innovative, agile and world-beating, PDSL delivers solutions tailored to your needs. We tackle unique challenges to drive growth and sustainability across automotive, railway, aerospace and energy. 


We drive automotive innovation for clients across the sector through cutting-edge engineering solutions, revolutionising performance, and design for a sustainable future.
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We support clients across the railway industry with advanced technologies and streamlined operations, so they can deliver safe and sustainable transportation networks.
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We deliver the technical expertise and advanced solutions to help our clients drive safety, efficiency and innovation for projects across the aviation and space sectors.
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We provide innovative technology solutions to help our clients modernise and optimise their operations across the energy sector. 
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Transforming Industries

The PDSL Advantage: Strategic Engineering Partnerships

We co-create solutions in partnership with clients through comprehensive services. Our engineers work closely with your teams, to gain real understanding, provide close support and deliver efficiently and effectively.

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Transforming industries

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