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PDSL’s team of engineers provide expertise and state-of-the-art product engineering services to organisations across the globe. Through close collaboration we can support them with all they need to bring a product to market, from concept development to manufacturing.

Concept and Design
Defining a product’s features and developing detailed drawings, specifications, and modelling
Building physical models of the product to test its functionality and design
Validating a product's safety, performance, and reliability
Overseeing the creation of the finished product


Product Design and Development

Encompassing the entire product lifecycle, we translate a client’s specific needs into innovative products through comprehensive design methodology that utilises the latest CAD and CAE to create detailed 3D models, perform simulations, and analyse product performance. 

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How will the next LED headlight look like? First product designs from our head of Design! by Kumpan Electric
Concept Development
Brainstorming ideas to define product requirements and develop a clear product vision
Product Design
Create detailed drawings, specifications, and 3D models that accurately represent a product's design intent
Design for Manufacturability
Considering manufacturing constraints and optimising designs to ensure efficient and cost-effective production
Design Verification and Validation
Conduct rigorous testing and simulations to validate product performance and ensure compliance with regulatory standards
Fix itby Christopher Burns


Reverse Engineering

The analysis of an existing product to obtain a very accurate understanding of the design, construction, and functionality.

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Replicate Existing Products
Recreation of products, to provide clients with the ability to produce identical items or create variations based on their needs
Improve Existing Products
Analysis to identify areas for improvement and develop solutions to enhance performance, reduce costs, or extend product life
Gain Competitive Insights
Provide insights into competitor products, enabling a business to benchmark their own offering and identify potential areas for differentiation


Product Testing and Validation

Comprehensive testing and validation services to ensure that products meet safety, performance, and reliability requirements.

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A telecommunication test set connected to a network switch, to perform some data transmission quality measurements.
(I’ve been looking for photography I can use for my technical training materials, but there is usually none, so I’m starting to add some for others who may also be looking.)by Ildefonso Polo
Functional Testing
Verification of products to ensure they perform according to the specified requirements
Performance Testing
Evaluation of performance under various conditions, including stress, load, and environmental factors
Safety Testing
Testing to ensure products meet safety standards and do not pose a hazard to users
Regulatory Compliance Testing
Helping clients achieve compliance for relevant industry standards and regulations
man in blue jacket standing beside brown wooden postby Clayton Cardinalli


Manufacturing Engineering

Bridging the gap between product design and manufacturing, to ensure a smooth transition from prototype to mass production.

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Optimise Manufacturing Processes
The identification and implement of processes that are efficient, cost-effective, and aligned with product design specifications
Develop Tooling and Fixtures
The design and engineering of tooling and fixtures required for manufacturing, to ensure precise and consistent production
Production Planning and Scheduling
Developing production plans and schedules to optimise resource utilisation and meet production targets


Production Support

Supporting clients with ongoing production expertise to ensure continuous product quality and adherence to production plans.

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Workteamby Luis Villasmil
Quality Control
Implementing quality control measures and monitoring production processes to ensure products meet quality standards
Production Monitoring
Tracking progress, identifying potential issues, and implementing corrective actions to maintain production efficiency
Supply Chain Management
Managing supply chains to ensure the timely availability of materials and components
Continuous Improvement
Identifying opportunities for process improvement and implementing changes to enhance production efficiency and product quality

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Insights and innovation

We’re constantly growing our experience and expertise as we help customers to evolve and overcome challenges. Find out more about our latest projects and thinking.

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